Treat Yourself This Holiday Season: Enter The Tesla Raffle To Win A Custom Tesla!

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Win your own custom Tesla this holiday season in this Tesla raffle and fund the fight for climate action!

Tesla recently reported recording-breaking Q3 earnings, outperforming their revenue and delivery estimates and further solidifying their status as an industry leader. The automaker continues to thrive through innovation, and ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood indicated that Tesla could take a serious chunk of the auto market in the near future — especially with advancements in technology like autonomous driving. It’s clear that, even despite increasing competition, Musk continues to make Tesla synonymous with electric vehicles. 

Hands on a steering wheel in a Tesla electric car

These cars are, quite literally, the future. So, this holiday season, don’t wait to buy your Tesla — win one. With the holidays upon us, you’re in luck, because there are still tickets available for the Climate XChange Annual Tesla RaffleThe opportunity to win a brand-new Tesla only comes around once a year, and you don’t want to miss it. Plus, your ticket enables our work to take action on climate change. 

This year, you get the chance to win the Grand Prize of a custom-ordered Tesla of your choice with any or all options (and with all taxes paid for, of course) or cash prizes for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place. It’s our biggest raffle yet, but with 40% of tickets already purchased, we’re on pace to sell out ahead of February 2022. So, act now for your chance to win! 


Raffle Details: 

Total Prize Pool Value: $227,615


Your choice of: Tesla Model S Plaid all-electric luxury performance sedan or Model X SUV or Model 3 Midsize Sedan or Model Y Midsize SUV with any options Max car total (which is for Model S Plaid) = $150,190 

  • Max Tax Payments = $77,425 
  • Total Value = $227,615 
  • Tax Breakdown for Max Payments: 
    • MA Sales Tax: $9,687 
    • Registration Fee: $300 
    • Federal Prize Taxes: $56,900
    • MA Prize Taxes: $10,839 

2nd Prize $10,000 

3rd Prize $5,000 

4th Prize $3,000 

5th Prize $2,000 

We love Tesla’s mission of accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and decarbonizing the transportation sector — which is the largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S. Every additional EV on the road creates one less passenger vehicle emitting toxic pollutants that have proven to be detrimental to the health of our communities and our environment. Our Tesla raffle does so much more than just put one more EV driver on the road. It enables us to continue supporting the passage of just, equitable climate policy in states around the U.S. 

Each ticket purchased for our 6th Annual Tesla Raffle supports the work we’re doing at Climate XChange, a Boston-based 501c3 nonprofit working across the country on passing state-level climate policy through three program areas: research, advocacy, and media. Our research team is authoring industry-leading economic and public health reports so that states can capture this crucial moment to build a more prosperous and sustainable future. With campaigns on the ground in Massachusetts and Maryland — and our State Climate Policy Network connecting individuals from Hawaii to Nebraska to Maine — we’re convening thousands of stakeholders to continue to push U.S. states on climate. We’re also maintaining a significant stream of original media coverage of state legislatures and developments on federal climate policy, in addition to being storytellers and elevating the voices of our community. 

Our latest innovation is the State Climate Policy Dashboard, which serves as a one-stop shop for all things state climate policy and has two main components: 1) a State Climate Policy Tracker, which tracks 51 climate policies across all 50 states, and 2) the State Climate Policy Resource Hub, which provides explanations, resource links, and model state examples for each policy area. 

Contributions from our Annual Tesla Raffle make this type of work possible. Consider giving back and help us continue to build a better future by buying a raffle ticket today!

*This article is supported by Climate XChange.