The Tesla Raffle Is Back! Tickets Support The Fight Against Climate Change

Originally posted in CleanTechnica

Win your own custom Tesla this holiday season and fund the fight against climate change!

The holidays are upon us, and you’re in luck, because there are still tickets available for the Climate XChange Annual Tesla Raffle! The opportunity to win a brand-new Tesla for only $250 only comes around once a year, and you don’t want to miss it.


Tesla has been in the news a lot lately for its groundbreaking 2020 earnings, and clean energy enthusiasts everywhere are following CEO Elon Musk’s every move. With the new 2020 Model S Plaid boasting a 402-mile range and an efficiency rate of 288 Wh/mi, all eyes are on Musk for what’s next for the luxury electric vehicle brand. He is hinting at a new line of EVs that will achieve as many as 435 miles in range and a roadster that will eventually set the EV norm at 620 miles.

By buying a ticket today for the CXC raffle, you can spend 2021 and beyond riding on a Panasonic “Biscuit Tin” mega battery with the capacity to cruise for hours without recharge and without worry about your carbon footprint.

CXC has upped their winnings this year to include four additional cash prizes and bring a little extra joy to their supporters this holiday season. It’s been a challenging year for everyone, but CXC is paving the way to a clean energy future that is bright, inclusive, and sustainable. What’s more, we’re throwing in $10,000 for our second-place winner, $5,000 for third, $3,000 for fourth, and $2,000 for fifth place!

Your raffle ticket not only gives you the chance to win your dream car, but it also makes you a champion of climate action. The Tesla raffle is CXC’s primary fundraiser, and it is critical to our mission of empowering states to implement sensible policies for a zero-carbon future.

CXC is at the forefront of the national movement to transition away from dirty energy and build pathways to carbon neutrality. We provide cutting-edge research, resources, tools, and training to climate campaigns around the country. Our network comprises tens of thousands of stakeholders in all 50 states and engages business leaders that put cleantech on the map. We amplify the actions of grassroots advocates, industry change makers, and state-level decision makers to move the needle on the fight to end climate change.

Click here to learn more about Climate XChange.

CXC is ringing in the New Year with an incredible opportunity for Tesla fans. We will cover the taxes on your new fully optimized Tesla, adding $64,608 to our $125,190 offer — that means you can kick off 2021 behind the wheel of a $189,798 vehicle and on your way to making the world a safer, more sustainable place for everyone!

Raffle Details: 

Total Prize Pool Value: $209,798

1st Prize – Total Value = $189,798

Your choice of: Model X SUV or Model S Luxury Sedan or Model Y Midsize SUV or Model 3 Midsize Sedan 

Max car total = $125,190

+ Tax Payments of $64,608

2nd Prize $10,000

3rd Prize $5,000

4th Prize $3,000

5th Prize $2,000

Tickets are capped at 4,000, so don’t wait to get yours! The full legal and raffle details can be found here.


Purchasing Tesla raffle tickets means so much more than securing your chance for the prize of a lifetime. This year, it means giving our country a chance to rebuild through green tech investments and create jobs that are good for climate. CXC is the only organization examining the implications of green stimulus packages in the post-COVID economy. It means helping to solve the energy crisis by promoting bold leadership at every level of the clean energy movement. Your contribution can help safeguard our planet by reducing greenhouse gases and helping us meet critical emission reductions.

The electric vehicle markets are booming, and it has never been clearer — the time to start driving Tesla is now. CXC is uniquely positioned to facilitate the cross-sector collaboration required to build a low-carbon economy, but we can’t do it without you. Make this your year to join the Tesla family and leave a lasting impact on climate change. Purchase a ticket today and enjoy the payoff for years (and generations) to come!