Support Climate Action Or Win A Tesla? Why Not Both!

Originally posted in CleanTechnica

Climate XChange’s annual Tesla raffle is back — with your chance to win a custom Tesla of your choice! Yep, that’s right: whatever model you want, with the options you’d like and the features you choose, up to $125,000! And, the best part? We will pay prize taxes for you, so you don’t have to spend a dime — for a total grand prize worth up to $189,798! AND, we have four additional cash prizes, so your chances at winning are better than ever!

What’s even more — this is a raffle you can feel great about, too. Every dollar raised will go directly towards supporting CXC’s mission to curb the impacts of climate change in states across the country, and accelerate the transition towards a cleantech, low-carbon economy. ENTER TO WIN TODAY.

Raffle Prizes:

Total Prize Pool Value: $209,798

1st Prize – Total Value = $189,798

  • Your choice of: Model X SUV or Model S Luxury Sedan or Model Y Midsize SUV or Model 3 Midsize Sedan
  • Max car total = $125,190
  • + Tax Payments of $64,608

2nd Prize — $10,000

3rd Prize — $5,000

4th Prize — $3,000

5th Prize — $2,000

Tickets are capped at 4,000, so don’t wait to get yours! The full legal and raffle details can be found here. (Editor’s note: CleanTechnica readers have won this and other Tesla raffles in the past. It is possible!)

It’s no secret that we have an ongoing, intensifying crisis augmenting all of the problems we currently face, while also creating its own catastrophes: climate and ecological crises. We are now living through some of the most horrific escalations of climate impacts, with worsening hurricanes and wildfires, and air pollution that is poisoning our communities and exacerbating public health crises.

We are working on moving our country forward towards a future that is resilient to climate impacts. We are working for the economic prosperity and job creation that will come from transitioning our economy towards a future in which fuel and energy sources don’t continue to pollute and endanger our communities.

Learn more about Climate XChange.

Mobilizing for decarbonization is critical right now, and can in fact be a hugely important tool for our collective recovery. We are already doing the important work of analyzing and understanding how climate investments can — and should — tackle the overlapping issues of clean energy needs, job creation, climate resilience, and public health. We are the only organization to date that has published a subnational, quantitative, comprehensive report on green stimulus, and we plan to continue undertaking this research throughout this year and into 2021. To do so, we need your help.

Each year for the past five years, we have put on this Tesla raffle, as a way to fundraise for our operation and continue growing our team, while giving our supporters the chance to win the car of their dreams, while putting another EV on the roads!

We love Tesla’s mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy because that is what we also strive to do. By buying a raffle ticket, you will be supporting our mission and helping us accomplish this very critical work for the future of our planet. It’s a win-win!