Kick Off The Season Of Giving – By Winning A Tesla!

Originally featured in CleanTechnica


Dear CleanTechnica Reader,

Giving Tuesday is the global day for giving back and supporting a cause you believe in – this Giving Tuesday it could also be when you win a fully customized Tesla, by entering the Climate XChange* 2019 Carbon Raffle! Join people around the world who are donating to organizations and causes they believe in, and get a chance at an awesome prize.

When you buy a Tesla Raffle ticket you are supporting the critical climate work of Climate XChange (CXC), a small non-profit working tirelessly to pass smart and ambitious climate policy since 2013. CXC provides research, media, and advocacy support for state-level campaigns aimed at reducing greenhouse gases and tackling the climate crisis. You can learn more about Climate XChange’s work here.

For the fourth year in a row, CXC is raffling off a Tesla to support this incredible work and its broader mission to usher in the transition to a low-carbon future. Enter to win & make your contribution today!

There are only 4,000 tickets being sold, and the winner will be given the opportunity to build a fully-optioned Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3 – whatever you want – up to $195,093, Climate XChange is even paying the taxes for the prize vehicle!

Climate change is no longer an issue for future generations, the threat is already upon us. We have seen firsthand the impacts of the climate crisis in the past few years: increased intensity and severity of storms, sea levels rising while sea waters warm, extreme weather events, droughts, flooding, extreme heat, the list goes on. There is still time to make a difference and stop the worst of the effects from manifesting. We have the tools and the ability to mitigate future climate impacts and create a better, more prosperous, and sustainable future for us all.

The time to act is now, and it all starts at the local level, our cities and states can push the green transition forward, with your support. Buy a Raffle ticket today and kick off this holiday season by supporting a low-carbon, sustainable future – plus you get a chance to win a Tesla, the best car on the market, so really, it’s a win-win!

This article was sponsored by Climate XChange