Win a Tesla AND Take Action on Climate Change

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Climate XChange is non-profit working on a range of policy ideas to help combat climate change. For several years, the organization has funded the bulk of its efforts by raffling Tesla vehicles.

In the below Q&A, Climate Xchange offers a bit more about how Tesla’s products and community have helped advance its mission.

What is Climate XChange’s mission?

Climate XChange’s mission is to pass smart and ambitious climate policy to accelerate the move towards a clean energy future. Specifically, we research and design market-based solutions for emissions reductions at the state and regional level, such as carbon pollution pricing and cap-and-trade programs. These are solutions that get to the root of the climate crisis and mitigate its worst effects.

Since our founding in 2013, we have made great strides in bringing about a sustainable, stable, and clean energy future. Climate XChange continues to lead during a time when meaningful action cannot wait and scientific consensus is overwhelming on the issue. We are working directly with state-level stakeholders to steward the movement that will finally bring about legislative action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. We believe in embracing the massive opportunities for innovation, job creation, public health benefits, and transformative change that comes from transitioning away from fossil fuels and towards a more sustainable, prosperous economy.

Read an open letter from our Executive Director Michael Green about our vision and work

What’s the backstory on your annual Tesla raffle?

We wanted to be a different kind of non-profit – one that isn’t beholden to large donor interests and can stay laser-focused on our mission while being agile enough to adapt to changing circumstances. The Raffle allows us to do that and the majority of our income comes from small dollar donations from a large base of people.

The Raffle also gives us the ability to communicate our mission and our work to a large number of people across the country and, of course, provides a low-carbon form of transportation for one person, or maybe even an entire family. The fundraiser really is a win-win-win.

How many raffles to date? Has it been successful?

This is CXC’s fourth Tesla Raffle to date. Historically, the raffle brings in nearly 80% of our total budget. As our budget has grown so has the Raffle: every year the grand prizes, earnings, and the number of people reached by the Raffle has increased.

Which model of Tesla is being raffled?

This is the best part! Grand Prize winner can fully customize any Tesla they want – whatever model, color, bells, whistles, Ludicrous Mode-ready Tesla, worth over $195,000, with all prize taxes paid for by us. We also offer help with the ordering s process: from creating an account on Tesla’s website to giving you advice on the configuration. So at the end of the day our Grand Prize winner gets exactly the car they want without any of the hassle – and for only the price of a raffle ticket!

Does the winner truly walk away with a free Tesla? You pay taxes?

Yes and yes! We never wanted our winners to be faced with the immense burden of having to pay taxes in order to have their new car. So we decided that the Grand Prize should include, as part of the Prize itself, all taxes for.

You can take a look at last year’s winner testimonial here.

How have you been able to put the proceeds to work?

In 2019 alone, 16 states across the country introduced carbon pollution pricing bills, and there have been nine others introduced in Congress. Climate XChange has been integral to this progress: providing research, networking, educational conferences, business leadership, media coverage, and liaising among key stakeholders and decision makers.

The demand for Climate XChange’s resources and expertise, as well as the growth of our audience, is a testament to the progress being made and the positive change on the horizon. At a time when our federal government remains stagnant on climate action, states have the opportunity to make bold policy decisions that will bolster the well-being of communities and the economy. By providing policymakers and advocates with cutting-edge research, data, and the skills they need, we can  build the clean energy transition on a strong foundation and create a prosperous, sustainable economy. States have the power the create a robust climate framework upon which the federal government can use to position our country on a new course – and Climate XChange is here to make sure that happens.

So, how do we get a raffle ticket?

You can go to our website, and buy your tickets directly there. You will receive a PDF of your tickets in your inbox and be invited to join the drawing (taking place on February 14th, 2020) through a livestream. We also print out and store your physical ticket at CXC headquarters in Boston, which you may choose to pick up. We use the ticket stub to enter your ticket into the drawing.

Sounds, great! Anything else TMC members should know?

By entering our raffle, you are taking real action to create a sustainable future – and you are ensuring that the vital work we do at Climate XChange can continue.

Buy a ticket, spread the word, and learn more about our work at