Move Forward with Carbon Pricing & Drive Away With Your Own Tesla

Climate Xchange Tesla Raffle

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Do you want to help fight the climate crisis, while also driving your dream car? We have great news for you, because now you can do both.

Climate XChange’s annual Tesla raffle is back — and this time we are giving away the best Tesla yet! You get to build your own custom Tesla. Yep, that’s right – whatever model you want, with all the bells, whistles, Ludicrous Mode features you choose, worth over $195,000, with all prize taxes paid for by us.

The best part is that this is a raffle you can feel great about, too! Every dollar raised will go directly towards supporting CXC’s mission to curb the impacts of climate change locally, and accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

That is why we love giving away Tesla vehicles – it is no small feat what Tesla has been able to accomplish. It continues to design transportation systems of the future that will continue to transform the economics of how we travel.

And for those working in the climate space, it is clear that without a full move toward electric transportation, keeping carbon emissions under what the United Nations IPCC has found necessary to preserve life on the planet as we know it would be all but impossible. That is why we love supporting Tesla’s mission, and giving EV enthusiasts a chance at winning the very best car on the road today.

Climate Xchange raffle

Since our founding in 2013, we have made great strides in fighting the climate crisis, and continue to do so as we push ahead during a time when meaningful action cannot wait and scientific consensus is overwhelming on the issue. We are working directly with state-level stakeholders — legislators, advocates, business leaders, and concerned citizens like yourself — to ignite a movement that will finally take legislative action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change head on. Instead of shying away from a challenge, we embrace it as an opportunity for innovation and positive change.

Read an open letter by Climate XChange Executive Director Michael Green about the organization’s vision and work.

Climate XChange has come a long way, yet there’s still a long way to go. There has never been a better opportunity to include carbon pricing and market-based policies into the national climate conversation as part of a solutions toolkit.

State legislators have the power to build robust legislation and a progressive climate framework which the federal government can use to put the nation on a new course. The exciting gains within the carbon pricing space is forging a path for our efforts to reach new heights, expand into new regions, and provide groups with the vital support they need to effectively put a price on carbon.

For the 4th year now, your purchase of a Tesla raffle ticket not only gives you the chance to win a brand new car, but it also supports a movement dedicated to helping the transition to a low-carbon future. Enter to win today!

Watch this testimonial from CleanTechnica reader Igor, new owner of a Tesla Model 3 thanks to being the second place winner in the 2018 Climate XChange Raffle:

2018 Tesla Raffle Winner Igor Ivanov from Climate XChange on Vimeo.

*This article was sponsored by Climate XChange. Images used with permission.