This Holiday Season, Take Home The Safest & Fastest Accelerating Car On The Market

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Climate XChange has spent the past five years modeling, researching and advocating for a carbon pricing scheme in the state of Massachusetts. Carbon pricing is a proven and effective policy tool to decentivize fossil fuel consumption, improve the health of our communities, and mitigate climate change. In order to make this a reality, they need your help – and you might win something super exciting in return.

The organization is raffling off not one, but three brand new Teslas this New Year’s Day. You read that right: one ticket gets you three chances at winning the car of your dreams and helps a fantastic cause – so really, you win either way! Get your tickets here!

Tickets are capped, and they are going fast, because not only does Climate XChange pay for the car prizes, they are also covering the taxes – which is pretty amazing, too.

Since the raffle is taking place on New Year’s Day, tickets also make for a great gift this holiday season. You can give your loved ones a climate-conscious gift and a chance at winning big! This is perfect for both car enthusiasts, and environmentalists – and is also a great way to show your employees some appreciation during the holidays.