Thank you for making our Fifth Annual Raffle a Success!

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Congratulations to our Raffle Winners!

First Place

Ticket Number 3261: Paul Connell Jr., Florida

Second Place

Ticket Number 1776: Jordan Clark, California

Third Place

Ticket Number 673: William Chandley, Florida

Fourth Place

Ticket Number 2536: Josh Kendrick, Tennessee

Fifth Place

Ticket Number 2651: David McClure, Virginia

up to $189,798 total value
We pay $64,608 in prize taxes, so you don’t!

Model X

Electric all wheel drive luxury SUV

  • 5, 6 or 7 passenger seating
  • Falcon Wing doors
  • Up to 351 mile battery range
  • Ludicrous mode – 2.6 seconds 0-60, 163mph top speed
  • Five-star safety rating
  • Adjustable air suspension
  • All seats and steering wheel heated
  • 17” touchscreen display
  • HEPA cabin air filtration
  • Choice of wheels and wheel size
  • Autopilot / Full Self-Driving package
  • Access to Tesla Supercharger network
  • Any or all premium options and trims

Model S

Electric performance luxury sedan

  • Motor Trend’s Ultimate Car of the Year
  • Ludicrous mode – 2.3 sec 0-60, 163mph top speed
  • Up to 402 mile battery
  • Dual motor all wheel drive
  • Adjustable air suspension
  • Five-star safety rating
  • Five heated seats and steering wheel
  • 17” touchscreen display
  • HEPA cabin air filtration
  • Choice of wheels and wheel size
  • Autopilot / Full Self-Driving package
  • Access to Tesla Supercharger network
  • Any or all premium options and trims

Model Y

Electric mid-size performance SUV

  • Dual motor all wheel drive
  • Long range battery
  • Up to 316 mile battery range
  • Performance version: 3.5 seconds 0-60, 155mph top speed
  • Choice of wheels and wheel size
  • Five-star safety rating
  • 15” touchscreen display
  • Five heated seats (seven-seat interior available 2021)
  • Power liftgate
  • Autopilot / Full Self-Driving package
  • Access to Tesla Supercharger network
  • Any or all premium options and trims

Model 3

Electric mid-size performance sedan

  • Dual motor all wheel drive
  • Long range battery
  • Up to 322 mile battery range
  • Performance version: 3.2 seconds 0-60, 162mph top speed
  • Choice of wheels and wheel size
  • Five-star safety rating
  • 15” touchscreen display
  • Five heated seats
  • Autopilot / Full Self-Driving package
  • Access to Tesla Supercharger network
  • Any or all premium options and trims









Staff graphics for raffle

Raffle proceeds support
Climate XChange’s Mission

Climate XChange is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing research, education, and advocacy tools to accelerate our transition to a low-carbon economy at the local and state level.

At a time when our federal government stagnates on climate action, states and local governments have the opportunity to pass policies that will ensure the well-being of communities by preparing them for the worst impacts of climate change, improving public health, and generating investments into clean technology, all while creating much-needed jobs. This year has shown us some of the most horrific escalations of climate impacts, and how critically urgent meaningful climate action is. We have seen more deadly heat during the summer, worsening hurricanes and wildfires, and the unprecedented melting of Arctic ice and floods.

We know that we can’t wait to take action because climate change is already happening — causing untold human suffering and massive financial losses. As we continue to grapple with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis, mobilizing for decarbonization continues to be critical and can in fact be a hugely important tool for our collective recovery. 

We are already doing the work of understanding how climate investments can — and should — tackle the overlapping issues of clean energy needs, job creation, climate resilience, environmental  justice, and public health. We are the only organization to date that has published a subnational, quantitative, comprehensive report on green stimulus, and we plan to continue doing that through the end of this year into the next. 

At the same time, we are building our community of over 10,000 engaged stakeholders across the country so we can learn from each other, and scale solutions that are known to work. Our Advocacy Team is prepared and well positioned to achieve substantial climate progress in the upcoming Massachusetts and Maryland legislative sessions. Our leadership in both states’ legislatures, strength of our cross-sector coalitions, and expansiveness of our local grassroots infrastructures equips us with the influence and resources to make significant strides for climate in the coming year.

We know that with the right support, we can continue to strengthen the movement and make states leaders in this critical issue. 

That is why we are launching our Tesla raffle for the fifth time to fundraise for the critical work our organization is doing, while giving our supporters an awesome chance at winning the best and safest car in the market — and putting one more EV on the road! 

We love Tesla’s mission of accelerating the transition to renewable energy because that is what we also strive to do. By buying a raffle ticket, you will be supporting our mission and helping us accomplish this very critical work for the future of our planet. We think of it as a win-win! 

A look into our past raffles

2019 Raffle

4,000 tickets sold
1st Prize: Kenneth Reagle, CA

2018 Raffle

Over 3,400 tickets sold
1st Prize: Minh Ta, GA

2017 Raffle

Over 2,000 tickets sold
1st Prize: Michael Fowler, IL

2015 Raffle

Over 1,700 tickets sold
1st Prize: Al Nierenberg, MA

2020 Raffle Details

2020 Raffle Details

Wait… what? There are taxes to be paid on winning a raffle prize?!

Yes! That’s absolutely the case. Prize Winners owe taxes on Prizes won in ALL raffles, not just the The Fifth Annual Climate XChange Tesla Raffle (The Raffle). And it’s Big Bucks when the Prizes are expensive.

Here’s how much money is involved. And, if you’re interested, keep reading on to learn the details.

Important note: Nothing on this page is intended to constitute legal or tax advice. All participants should consult your own legal and/or tax advisor.

Our Grand Prize Includes Tax Payments On Your Behalf

For the Fifth Annual Climate XChange Tesla Raffle, we offer a choice of Tesla vehicles as the Grand Prize. The Second through Fifth Prizes are all cash! Because the tax burden on the Grand Prize Winner would be large (see below), we also pay the U.S. withholding tax on your Prize on your behalf. Turns out that there’s also a Massachusetts withholding tax that you would owe…so we pay that one, too!  And for reasons you can learn in the details below, Climate XChange even pays more than you would.  Equally as bad, if you had to pay the withholding taxes yourself on The Grand Prize, you would even have to send them in before Climate XChange could pay Tesla to deliver your Prize! Ouch!!

Grand Prize: Model X SUV, Model S Luxury Sedan, Model Y Midsize SUV, or Model 3 Midsize Sedan (up to $125,190 for the car by itself).

  • we pay the sales tax and registration fee up to $8,124
  • we pay the IRS up to $47,446 you would have had to pay in advance.
  • we pay the Massachusetts Department of Revenue up to $9,038; you would have had to pay.
  • … so we pay total tax payments of up to $64,608 so you don’t have to pay.
  • … which means that CXC lays out a grand total of up to $189,798 for the Grand Prize

Second Prize: the Prize payout to Prize winner is $10,000

  • Winner responsible for taxes on prizes

Third Prize: the Prize payout to Prize winner is $5,000

  • Winner responsible for taxes on prizes

Fourth Prize: the Prize payout to Prize winner is $3,000

  • Winner responsible for taxes on prizes

Fifth Prize: the Prize payout to Prize winner is $2,000

  • Winner responsible for taxes on prizes

Some Details

You may not know this: as a Prize Winner, you may immediately owe withholding taxes to the IRS. Below, we explain why that’s a problem and also why we make the Grand Prize better by dealing with this problem!

When a Winner wins a raffle prize, United States law and IRS regulations treat the raffle prize as income to the Winner, so those laws and regulations require that the Winner pay taxes on the Fair Market Value of that Prize. When the Prize is small, $5000 or less, those taxes are solely the responsibility of the Winner. In the event that the value of the Prize is $5,001 or more, the organization sponsoring the raffle must withhold the required amount of taxes on the Prize. The sponsoring organization then remits these taxes to the IRS.

In many (most?) cases, raffles require the Winner to come up with the necessary cash in advance, either by sending the appropriate amount to the sponsoring organization or by allowing the sponsoring organization to deduct money from the Prize (if, say, the Prize has a cash component). In the case of Climate XChange’s Grand Prize, a Tesla Model S, Model X,  Modely Y, or Model 3 valued at over $120,000, the Winner would be required to send 25% of that value to Climate XChange to be forwarded to the IRS — over $31,000! And you’d have to send us that money before you received your Prize.

It turns out that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts also requires a withholding tax payment. That’s because Climate XChange is based in Massachusetts and the Commonwealth’s taxation laws follow the federal taxation laws. So Massachusetts treats a Prize awarded by a Massachusetts-based nonprofit (that’s us, Climate XChange) as Massachusetts-derived income to the Winner. And that’s taxable. In the case of the Grand Prize, the Winner would have to send us 5% of that value — over $6,000. In advance, of course.

Because we at Climate XChange believe that most people don’t have this kind of money lying around to send to the IRS and the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) whenever they feel like it, we decided that the Grand Prize should include, as part of the Prize itself,  the required U.S. and Massachusetts withholding tax payments for the Prize. The IRS and DOR understand and allow for this possibility. However, because the tax payment we make on your behalf is also something of value to you, it turns out that we have to pay taxes on the taxes that we are paying for you! We have to pay the IRS 33.33% of the Prize’s Fair Market Value, rather than the 25% you would have to pay directly, for the privilege of paying your U.S. prize tax for you, because when we pay those taxes on your behalf, that counts as income to you. Then, Massachusetts wants another 5%. But wait…it gets worse…the money we send to Massachusetts counts as income for you from the IRS perspective. So we have to pay tax to the IRS on the taxes we paid on your behalf to Massachusetts. Then, from the Massachusetts perspective, we’ve just given you more income by sending a larger tax payment to the IRS, so now we have to pay tax on that to Massachusetts! This craziness goes on for a while until the taxable amounts become small enough that we reach a dollar or less. (Incidentally, while the regulations allow us to subtract the price of the raffle ticket from the amount we send the IRS and the DOR, we no longer bother, as the amount we would save is tiny compared to the amounts we have to pay.)

Any and all other taxes, fees, surcharges, excises, and so on, whether from the United States, the Winner’s state, the Winner’s locality, or anywhere else on the planet, are the responsibility of the Prize Winner.

For further details, including any restrictions or caveats, see the Legal Details section of the website.

Possible State incentives, up to $5,000: In some states, the purchaser of an electric vehicle is eligible for an incentive from that state. Tesla, Inc., maintains its own list of state incentives, which may be found here.

There are only a few things you should know when purchasing a ticket for the Fifth Annual Climate XChange Tesla Raffle . If you want more details, you can find them here.

Ticket Price

The price of a single ticket is $250.

All ticket sales are final.

Receiving Your Receipt & Ticket

Each purchaser will receive an electronic purchase receipt delivered to their email address. Each purchaser will also receive an electronic raffle ticket delivered to their email address.

We will print all raffle ticket stubs and enter your ticket stub into the Drawing. More details about that here.

Please sign your ticket once you receive it.  For the electronic copy of your ticket and attached stub, click on the signature button in the email you received with your ticket(s), indicating your acknowledgement of receipt of the electronic ticket. The signature is important to us, because it lets us know that you received the ticket. However, even if you don’t sign the ticket and even if we never hear back from you, your ticket stub will still be entered into the Drawing and you will still have a chance to win one of the Raffle’s Prizes!

The ticket and attached stub already include the signature of an authorized representative of Climate XChange.


The ticket’s stub will be entered into the Drawing and will be eligible for all five Prizes. If the stub is drawn for a Prize, the ticket/stub will not be re-entered into the Drawing and therefore will not be eligible for additional Prizes.

How To Make a Purchase

Use the Buy Tickets button on this web page or any other part of the website.

Checking The Status of Your Order

You may check the status of your order by emailing or calling us at (617) 624-0919.

We Don’t Use the US Mail

CXC does not have the option to mail raffle tickets via U.S. Mail and will not do so. It is against federal law to send a raffle ticket through the U.S. Mail (see 18 U.S.C. Section 1302), so please don’t.


Fantastic! You’ve won the Grand Prize or one of the other four Prizes!  Here’s what you must do.

Claiming a Prize

You must claim the Prize. We’ll help. If you happen to be present for the Drawing, you’ll scream, and someone from Climate XChange (CXC) will rush over to congratulate you and bring you up in front of the audience and we’ll all celebrate with you!

If you’re not present at the Drawing, we’ll use the contact information you supplied when you purchased your raffle ticket to attempt to contact you. The Winner shall be notified by telephone and/or email and, if necessary, Certified US Mail. We’ll keep trying your telephone number and/or email address for up to 90 days. After 90 days, if we haven’t been able to reach you, we will consider that you have forfeited your Prize.

Once you have contacted CXC, you will need to confirm your identity. Your name must match the name under which we sold you the raffle ticket. You will need a government-supplied photo identification, such as a Driver’s License or a Passport. In some cases, we may choose to accept alternate forms of identification and/or a high-resolution scan of the identification.


Once we have verified your identity and confirmed that you are a Winner, you must supply us with the following information:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Taxpayer Identification Number (this is usually your Social Security Number)
  • A signed affidavit attesting to winning and accepting the Prize — we will supply you with this document — to be returned to us as a physical document, with notarization

We will issue a Form W-2G to you at the appropriate time. We will also report your Prize win to the IRS, as we are mandated to do by law and regulation.  For any Prize where we have promised to pay withholding tax payments on your behalf, we will timely file the necessary paperwork and payment.  See IRS Notice 1340.

We also expect Winners of any of the Prizes to allow us to use their name, likeness, state and town as part of our celebration and promotion of this raffle, online and offline, and as part of any future raffles we may conduct. By entering the raffle you are providing your consent for such use of your name and likeness.

Alternate All-Cash Prize

The Grand Prize Winner may opt for an Alternate All-Cash Prize in place of a vehicle.  See the Prize Details for amounts and Legal Details for conditions.

Ordering Your New Tesla

All new Tesla vehicles are “build-to-order” (see next section).  Depending on the Prize, you can choose the Model X SUV, the Model S Luxury Sedan, the Model Y Midsize SUV, or the Model 3 Midsize Sedan.  We stand ready to help you with this process, not to mention, pay for it. If you wish, we will work with you to create an account for you on Tesla’s website. We can also give you advice about configuring the car. Of course, you ultimately decide exactly what you want in your new Tesla: major options, colors, interiors, and so on. Once you have finalized your configuration, we will pre-pay Tesla the amounts as described elsewhere.

Your vehicle will be built by Tesla, Inc., as they would any other purchaser’s vehicle, and it will be delivered in their standard timeframes. We recommend you consult a Tesla sales representative or the Tesla website to determine vehicle delivery times.

In its sole discretion, Tesla, Inc., may deliver the vehicle to your home. Otherwise, it will be available at the Tesla Store or Service Center nearest your home or place of work.

Inventory & Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles

Tesla has a number of so-called “inventory” cars: these are demo cars that were built for Tesla showrooms or build-to-order cars whose orders were cancelled. These cars may have additional mileage and use but are still sold by Tesla as new cars. These cars are fully eligible for any applicable federal or state EV incentives. They are available for immediate purchase, but the customer has no option to reconfigure them in any way.

Tesla also has a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle program that makes used cars available for immediate purchase. These cars are sold “as is.”

Climate XChange believes that the Grand Prize Winner is likely to be happiest with a brand-new, built-to-order vehicle. However, you may choose a Tesla inventory car or a CPO vehicle, if you prefer.

Federal Tax Credit & State Incentives

Since January 1, 2020, Tesla vehicles no longer qualify for the Federal EV tax credit. However  there may be applicable state incentives of up to $5,000. You may see Tesla’s list of state incentives here. Please consult your tax professional.

“Cash In” and “Cash Out”

Cash In: The Grand Prize Winner has the option to add his/her own money to the Prize, so that he/she can take delivery of a more expensively-configured vehicle than the Prize itself would otherwise permit.

Cash Out: The Grand Prize Winner may elect to configure a Tesla vehicle of lower cost than provided for by the Prize. In this case, Climate XChange will send the Winner a check for the difference. However, to qualify for a Cash Out, the Winner must use the Prize to acquire a Tesla vehicle (new, inventory or CPO) from Tesla, Inc. Read more here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020:  Ticket Sales Begin

The Climate XChange Annual Tesla Raffle website will be available and ticket sales will begin before midnight Eastern Time. Find us at, or

Raffle tickets will be sold up to the maximum of 4,000 valid tickets. Ticket sales will cease as soon as the maximum is reached or the sales period expires.

For details, see here.

Raffle ticket sales are final.

February 24, 2021 @ 2 p.m. ET:  Ticket Sales Conclude

Ticket sales end February 24, 2021, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time…unless sales end earlier due to reaching the maximum number of valid tickets to be sold. See here for further details. Raffle ticket sales are final.

February 26, 2021 @ 3 p.m. ET:  Drawing

The Climate XChange Annual Tesla Raffle  Drawing will be conducted at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (the live-stream will begin at 2 p.m. showing all tickets being loaded into the raffle drum, but the actual drawing of the tickets will take place at 3 p.m.) at Climate XChange’s former headquarters, located at:

Old West Church
131 Cambridge Street
Boston, MA  02114

The Drawing will be streamed over the Internet; instructions for locating and joining the stream will be published on the website a few days before the Drawing is held.

Winners will be notified!!!

The Climate XChange Raffle team operates in partnership with providers for areas such as accounting/audit advice, legal advice and website construction. Click here for more information.

We want you to know that this Raffle has expenses associated with it, which means that not all of the money taken in by Climate XChange for a raffle ticket goes directly to Climate XChange for its charitable and educational purposes. Some of these expenses are not subject to our choice while others involve conscious trade-offs on our part. For more information, click here.

Get Your Tickets*

*We’re only selling 4,000!

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A Note of Thanks for Photo Contributions

We’ve been able to bring you original Tesla footage for the past two raffles thanks to the support of dedicated and enthusiastic Tesla owners from across the country. This raffle especially, we owe a great deal of thanks to the community for your contributions in the absence of our ability to safely assemble a larger photoshoot of vehicles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We truly appreciate being able to continually share our raffle with such a welcoming community and we wouldn’t be able to show off how truly incredible each Tesla model is without your stellar original photos and videos.