$250 Can Land You a Rivian R1S or a Tesla Model X Plaid, Winnings Taxes Included

Photo of Tesla by Troy Hallahan. Photo of Rivian by Jrh20Racing.

Originally published on AutoEvolution.com

If you wanted an expensive, yet capable battery-electric vehicle (BEV), then here’s a chance at getting one for just $250. Mind you, this is not some kind of an incredible offer. It’s a raffle put together by a nonprofit organization. Here’s everything you need to know.

Climate XChange is a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that involves itself and the complex effort to decarbonize communities. Its primary objective is to help policymakers and business leaders change or adapt to new rules that bring real change toward the zero-emission economy. Naturally, all this effort requires some financing. And that brings us to how $250 can bring you a brand-new Tesla Model X Plaid or Rivian R1S.

The organization wants to raise $1,250,000 with this raffle. That is why it says that the winner will be able to pick their favorite EV between any Tesla and any Rivian. They’ll have enough money left after the grand prize is given away. Granted, if all the tickets sell in due time.

That’s right, if you want a Model Y or an R1T, it is possible to go on this route. The maximum total value of the EV is capped at $250,986 which includes the $85,346 in prize taxes. So, if you’re the lucky one, you don’t pay anything other than registration and insurance. Moreover, you’ll be able to design your car of choice exactly as you prefer.

The nonprofit also takes into account various other applicable benefits or incentives that might be available at the state or federal level.

Climate XChange says that “climate action can’t wait” and it intends to continue with its efforts to build “a prosperous and sustainable future that benefits everyone.”

Currently, around 1,400 tickets have been sold. The maximum amount available is 5,000. The winning participant can choose to take a cash prize of $100,000 instead of going through the entire process of designing, ordering, and awaiting delivery of a new EV.

Only people residing in the U.S. can join the raffle. One person can buy up to 20 tickets. Rivian and Tesla are not affiliated with this event.

Besides the big prize, four other raffle participants will win consolation prizes ranging from $2,000 up to $10,000.

The drawing is set to happen on the 24th of February 2023. It will take place live and those that signed up will be notified about it via email or text message. If you won’t be able to watch it happen in real-time, the organizers say winners will find out after the end of the sweepstake.

This is the seventh time the nonprofit holds such an event.

Previous winners have publicly appeared in various videos that confirmed they received the prizes. You may want to consider that appearing in a similar recording might be required.